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The Van Til Community

Impossibly Contrary!

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This community is dedicated to the life and thought of one of the Christian church's greatest thinkers, Dutch theologian Cornelius Van Til.
Potential topics to discuss: presuppositionalism, Christian education, Reformed theology, atheism, etc.
Cordial debates between Christians and those who oppose Christianity is welcome. Note: cordial!
abraham kuyper, agnosticism, antithesis, arianism, aristotle, arminianism, atheism, bahnsen, bb warfield, biblical theology, buddhism, calvinism, catholicism, christ, christian education, christianity, christology, church theology, classical theism, compatibilism, cornelius van til, cosmology, cre, creationism, credenda agenda, darwinism, david hume, debating, determinism, dialectic, docetism, doctrine, doug wilson, dualism, election, empiricism, epiklesis, epistemology, eschatology, ethics, evil, evolution, exegesis, existentialism, faith, foreknowledge, free will, geerhardus vos, gnosticism, god, greg bahnsen, hegel, hermeneutics, holy spirit, humanism, idealism, imago dei, islam, jesus, jesus christ, john frame, john murray, judaism, karl barth, logic, martin luther, messiah, metaphysics, michael butler, monergism, monophysites, monotheism, moral theology, natural theology, nietzche, ontology, open view theism, orthodoxy, paganism, paul tillich, pelagianism, philosophical theology, philosophy, plato, pluralism, postmodern theology, predestination, presuppositionalism, preterism, princeton, process theism, process theology, puritans, rationalism, rc sproul, reason, religion, resurrection, revelation, rushdoony, salvation, satan, scccs, scholasticism, soteriology, st. anselm, st. augustine, st. paul, synergism, systematic theology, teleology, the bible, the historical jesus, the problem of evil, theodicy, theology, theonomy, thomas aquinas, thomism, thomist theology, transcendental argument, trinitarian theology, trinity, truth, tulip, van til, westminster theological seminary, wiccanism, wisdom