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Impossibly Contrary!

9/26/05 12:09 pm - reborn1995 - introduction

Hi. I'm Guy. i just joined this community. i was in full time ministry for about 5 years, but i've left it to pursue college work in Philosophy with hopes of eventually becoming a professor. i've been following the work of Van Til and Bahnsen for about 2 years now, and i do consider myself a presupper (though i'm not a Calvinist).

Was everyone aware of the online availability of a few of Van Til's works? Check these out--


There's also some other good material on that site as well.

i look forward to the exchange of ideas about Van Til!

8/26/05 04:41 am - creationism - Check This out


8/16/05 11:26 am - creationism - Poem for English

I had to write a poem for english using 10 vocab. words. I tried my best to have fun with it; even though the use of words was limited. I figured I'd share it.

Welcome to this society,
we're not fond of piety.
It's all about what's sapid-
law is so vapid.

Taste is our gold and ivory,
The truth is-truth-
is nugatory.
Never mind, that we beg the question,
Logic? that's relative contention.

Intolerance is intolerable-
What about our reasoning?
Flummoxing and self-refuting?
We're not reasonable,
Most of what we say isn't feasible.
Albeit, our arguments are preposterous,
but we insist on being captious.

The potboilers are guides to our gods,
literary artifice- ruling with an iron rod.
It's not all about furbelows and money,
It’s really about autonomy.
We bask in the refulgency,
of our unsteady economy.
Indolently we embrace atrophy.

Will we survive the debacle of morality?
No worries, in a pointless reality.

In this world of chance and whim,
A chance at all seems very slim.
Will we lose or win?
Who’s to say?
It’s just opinion.
We suppress the truth of our decay,
The hope of humanity has faded away...

7/28/05 08:49 pm - chaosandoldnite - The Mother Load

Here's a good set of apologetics audio downloads. I highly recommend Michael Butler's lectures: good sound quality and good content!


7/27/05 09:45 am - chaosandoldnite - Atheism Debates - Bahnsen vs. Tabash

I came across this today from Paul Manata's weblog called "Pressing the Antithesis" (http://presstheantithesis.blogspot.com/). He has a link to atheist Derek Sansone's website, where he posted the audio for a bunch of debates between atheists and Christians. The beauty of it is that he posted the Bahnsen-Tabash debate! Now it's downloadable.

Get it here:

7/20/05 01:23 pm - chaosandoldnite - Letter

Here is a wonderful letter written by the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen's son, David, about the legacy of his father. It was written commemorating the debate Bahnsen had with Gordon Stein.


Read this, it's great and very moving.

7/12/05 02:53 pm - chaosandoldnite - Free Book to download...


It's a book on worldviews by Gary North. Enjoy!

6/28/05 06:33 pm - chaosandoldnite

Here's an interesting site I came upon:


It's on Creation and Evolution. I haven't really read any of it, so I can't really comment.

6/23/05 04:05 pm - chaosandoldnite - Poythress on why scientists look like Christians

Sorry for the flood of posts recently, but I've been doing some online reading in a more philosophical bent lately, and I want to share some of the interesting things I find.

Check out Vern Poythress' article on why scientists act like Christians, it's brilliant. Poythress is an interesting guy as his field of expertise ranges from hermeneutics, biblical theology and philosophy (with a whole bunch of other stuff in between). Check out the blog he and John Frame share, it's quite good.


God bless

6/23/05 02:33 pm - chaosandoldnite

You ever see those "You Might Be A (Blank)" quizzes before? Paul Manata (a Van Tillian) wrote one and put it up on his blog:


It's pretty good.

Also, check out his debate on the existence of God against Derek Sansone (atheist). I mentioned it in a previous post I think.
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